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Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) All-Academic Awards are presented to full-time varsity student-athletes that meet honours standards at their respective institutions, having successfully completed one academic semester.

Institution First Name Last Name Sport(s)
Algonquin College Amoney Abakar Women's Basketball

Jessica Basquin Women's Basketball

Gillian Beaman Women's Rugby

Kristian Berndt Women's Volleyball

Mark Buenviaje Men's Volleyball

Vanessa Cavanagh Women's Soccer

Kristian Charette Men's Basketball

Destiny-Jade Desnoyers Women's Rugby

Kevin Easey Men's Basketball

Katherine Flansbury Women's Basketball

Maureen Foran Women's Rugby

Georgia Iliopoulos Women's Soccer

Julianna Johnson Women's Volleyball

Janessa Linton Women's Volleyball

Haleigh McKenzie Women's Rugby

Bailey Meraw Women's Rugby

Jonah Nieman Men's Volleyball

Marie-Chantal Ozorak Women's Volleyball

Erin Roots Women's Volleyball

Serah Rounds-Zavitz Women's Volleyball

Breanne Scheerhoorn Women's Volleyball

Mark Scholl Men's Rugby

Melissa Scissons Women's Soccer

Salynn Seich-Taylor Women's Rugby

Emily Spence Women's Rugby

Shyanne Swartzman Women's Rugby

Lauren Tebrake Women's Basketball

Taylor Wildenbeest Women's Rugby

John Sam Wilson Men's Basketball

Michelle Wilson Women's Soccer

Nikita Yastrebov Men's Volleyball
Collège Boréal
Christiane Boudreau Women's Volleyball

Brianne Chouinard Women's Volleyball

Thierry Dugas Men's Volleyball

Émilie Goulet Women's Volleyball

Domynik Huot Badminton

Michelle Kozlowskyj Badminton

Brunette Lafleur Women's Volleyball

Mélanie Léger Women's Volleyball

Fabien Martel Badminton

Adam Martelli Men's Volleyball

Courtney Phillips Women's Volleyball

Rémi Rancourt Men's Volleyball

Nathan Rehner Men's Volleyball

Aurillia Rochon Badminton

Emilie Roy Women's Volleyball/Badminton

Stéphanie Sicard Women's Volleyball

Megan Tallon Badminton
Cambrian College Makaila Alloway Women's Basketball

Fabricio Araujo Da Silva Men's Soccer

Alexander Beaton Men's Volleyball

Emily Clark Women's Volleyball

Isaac Claveau Men's Volleyball

Lucas Claveau Men's Volleyball

Megan Coutu Women's Soccer

Aaron Dent Men's Soccer

Emily Derks Women's Basketball

Megan Desormeaux Women's Basketball

Karen Dubreuil Women's Soccer

Manon Duhaime Women's Volleyball

Abu Dumbuya Men's Volleyball

Scott Elliot Men's Soccer

Marissa Falvo Women's Soccer

Nicholas Hechler Men's Soccer

Kaitlin Houben Women's Soccer

Kianna  Houben Women's Soccer

Emily Hreljac Women's Soccer

Dana Isaia Women's Soccer

Wyatt Kennedy Cross Country

Amanda Kring Women's Volleyball

Jeremie Lachapelle Men's Volleyball

Megan Lloyd Wismer Cross Country

Ryan Marcotte Men's Volleyball

Clarissa McArthur Women's Soccer

Brandon Moxam Men's Soccer

Joshua Murphy Cross Country

Sean O'Connor Men's Volleyball

Evan Phillips Men's Soccer

Mitchell Reid Men's Volleyball

Eric Sampson Men's Soccer

Lauren Schandlen Women's Soccer

Alyssa Short Women's Basketball

Harsimranjit Singh Men's Volleyball

Jenelle St. Jean Women's Soccer

Samantha Stewart Women's Volleyball

Mary Strain Cross Country

Ella Sullivan Women's Soccer

Jillian Vallier Women's Volleyball

Scott Williams Men's Volleyball
Canadore College Samantha Goodnough Women's Indoor Soccer

James Heslinga Men's Volleyball

Kaitlyn Jackson Women's Volleyball

Emma Vanderlee Women's Volleyball
Centennial College Dulce Barrera Women's Volleyball

Michelle Beloso Women's Basketball

Jin Cheng Badminton

Clinton Chung Badminton

Kali Ann Darling Women's Basketball

Sherine DeJong Women's Soccer

Alexdandr Evsyukov Men's Soccer

Stephen Facca Men's Volleyball

Paulo Fernandez Men's Soccer

Alexander Ferreira Men's Soccer

Laila Grants Women's Soccer

Ostap Hamarnyk Men's Soccer

Nigel Kamal Men's Soccer

Morgan Keekes Women's Indoor Soccer

Ana Lopez Castro Cross Country

Mari Pikkov Women's Volleyball

Kadeisha Powell-Graham Women's Volleyball

Maria Reyna Corona Cross Country

Lais Rios Women's Soccer

Alishan Shalwani Badminton

Justin Smith Men's Volleyball

Nataly Spinosa Women's Indoor Soccer

Syndi Taffe Women's Indoor Soccer

Nicole Tentativa Women's Soccer

Trynelle Thomas Women's Soccer

Karmealia Turner Women's Basketball

Ashton Vaz Men's Soccer

Corrine Wade Cross Country

Lee-Ann Walters Women's Soccer

Paul Walwyn Men's Basketball

Jessica Zhen Badminton
Collège La Cité
Fredericke Beaulne-Séguin Women's Volleyball
  Cynthia Brown Women's Volleyball
  Louis-Philippe Demers Men's Volleyball
Women's Volleyball
Women's Volleyball
Men's Volleyball
Men's Volleyball
  Mathieu Ranger Men's Volleyball
Women's Volleyball
Conestoga College Aymin Aldin Cross Country

Roselyn Bevis Badminton

Cassandra Booton Women's Indoor Soccer

Kyla Boutin Women's Volleyball

Chelsea Brintnell Women's Soccer

Semara Desmeules Women's Volleyball/Badminton

Brianna Dolderman Cross Country

Christina Dolderman Cross Country

Karlie Dolderman Cross Country

Victoria Duong Badminton

Devon Dupuis Men's Rugby

Kayla Gammie Women's Softball

Brittany Gergely Women's Soccer

Christian Hill Badminton

Keith Hundt Men's Volleyball

Lindsey Jones Women's Rugby Sevens

Eric Katerberg Men's Soccer

Michael Kessler Men's Indoor Soccer

Michaela Knowles Women's Rugby Sevens

Jasmin Kornelsen Cross Country

Melena Lagana Badminton

Derek Lenos Badminton

Tiffany Lenselink Women's Indoor Soccer

Daniel Musselman Men's Volleyball

Maria Orlyn Ocampo Badminton

Sarah Ongarato Women's Indoor Soccer

Sarah-Lynn Reilly Women's Softball

Eddie Richter Men's Soccer

Laura Rumph Women's Softball

Kennedy Schmaltz Women's Soccer

Cameron Schoeneweiss Men's Soccer

Scott Sedore Men's Rugby

Nicole Sinkner Women's Indoor Soccer

Evan Strom Men's Rugby

David Stumph Men's Rugby

Josue Tomas Cascales Men's Indoor Soccer

Jahsan Toney Men's Volleyball

Rachel Voisin Women's Soccer

Brennan Walker Men's Rugby

Jeremy Waterton Men's Volleyball

Krista Weins Women's Soccer

Samuel Wolfe Men's Volleyball
Confederation College David Askwith Cross Country

Christine Battle Women's Indoor Soccer

Little Eagle Copenace Golf

Philip DeCorte Men's Curling

Marina Deroy Women's Indoor Soccer

Nathan Foster Men's Indoor Soccer

Luke Giroux Men's Indoor Soccer

Aidan Harvey Men's Curling

Marissa Lavoie Cross Country

Austin Louwagie Cross Country

Agustin Matamala Riquelme Cross Country

Michaela McGrath Women's Indoor Soccer

Amanda Montgomery Women's Indoor Soccer

Kerry Nguyen Cross Country

Emma Vieira Women's Indoor Soccer

Kescia Yeomans Women's Indoor Soccer
Durham College Kadeev Bembridge Men's Baseball

Ashley Black Women's Softball

Shannon Dean Women's Volleyball

Samantha Dupont Women's Basketball

Madeleine Elit Women's Volleyball

Irene Halis Women's Soccer

Brandon Halliburton Men's Basketball

Lucia Kalmeyer Women's Volleyball

Dekota Kirby Women's Basketball

Jack Lang Men's Baseball

Conor Lowe Men's Soccer

Kyle MacFarlane Golf

Madison Marsh-Collis Women's Volleyball

Megan McDonald Women's Softball

Taylor McGee Women's Soccer

Melissa McKnight Women's Softball

Emma Milan Women's Soccer

Mackenzie Naccarato Women's Softball

Sara Pesonen Women's Softball

John Pham Men's Volleyball

Lucas Pichl Golf

Rebecca Ropp Women's Softball

Sabrina Stalteri Women's Softball

Alanna Stanoev Women's Softball

Nicole Vandenheuvel Women's Volleyball

Harrison Wood Men's Volleyball

Kyler Woodburne Men's Volleyball
Fanshawe College Isabelle Allan Curling

Jacob Atkinson Men's Soccer

Andrew Calic Men's Baseball

Robert Crabbe Men's Baseball

Jack Daley Men's Volleyball

Ryan Foott Cross Country

Libby Furtado Women's Volleyball

David Gundrum Men's Volleyball

Haly Hawkins Women's Basketball

Travis Helps Men's Baseball

Morgan Hendriks Cross Country

Tarea Heshka Badminton

Jordan Kadlecik Cross Country

Lydia Kalbfleisch Women's Softball

Maggie Larocque-Jarvis Women's Basketball

Samantha Lees Curling

Seth Marcaccio Cross Country

Hunter Medd Women's Volleyball

Meghan Morelli Women's Volleyball

Helen Ngu Badminton

Trina Ngu Badminton

Caitlin Ottaway Women's Softball

Allan Pao Badminton

Hana Plantt Curling

Kaitlyn Poirier Curling

Janelle Shapton Curling

Daniella Strano Women's Soccer
Fleming College Kelly Austin-McInerney Women's Soccer

Spencer Bieri Men's Volleyball

Nick Boomhower Men's Rugby

Tabatha Casselman Women's Volleyball

Amy Corcoran Cross Country

Alex Douglas Men's Rugby

Toni Head-Schraa Women's Rugby

Katlyn Leggat Women's Soccer

Nicole McClennan Curling

Alissa Myles-Gonzalez Women's Rugby

Jillian Page Curling

Ciarra Pennings Women's Soccer

Taylor Robinson Men's Basketball

Edward Running-Adams Men's Volleyball

Terenn Russell Women's Soccer

Larissa Rygailo Women's Soccer

Jacob Schuller Men's Volleyball

Rachel Schumacher Women's Soccer

Rachael Shantz Women's Rugby

Alex Sicker Men's Rugby

Evan Taylor Men's Rugby

Justin Walker Curling

Nick Wierdsma Men's Volleyball

Katlyn Wilkins Women's Volleyball

Leah Will Curling
George Brown College Ihsan Aksel Men's Volleyball

Emily Cadman Women's Basketball

Christopher Carag Men's Volleyball

Ivan Chan Badminton

Gianmariano Della Serra Men's Soccer

Katherine Des Rosiers Women's Indoor Soccer

Stephen Duong Men's Volleyball

Karlo Feliciano Cross Country

Michael Gauthier Men's Baseball

Nicolas Giancola Men's Baseball

Francesca Girardo Women's Soccer

Amanda Hewitt Cross Country

Johana Jimenez Women's Soccer

Yunji Kim Badminton

Kelsey-Jane Lamprecht Women's Volleyball

Pao Ming Lee Women's Volleyball

Elaine MacPherson Women's Soccer

Elizabeth Malatestinic Women's Volleyball

Natalie Mangos Women's Soccer

Robert Mijackovic Men's Indoor Soccer

Kuziwakwashe Mupeti Women's Soccer

Emilio Paglia Men's Baseball

Madeleine Poulin Women's Soccer

Nicole Poupart Women's Volleyball

Jin Yub Ra Badminton

Leanne Sanders Cross Country

Farrah Sheikh Women's Soccer

Bonnie Tran Women's Volleyball

Jemal Whittle Men's Volleyball
Georgian College Aidan Allard Cross Country

Adam Armstrong Cross Country

Jeffery Ash Golf

Sean Barich Cross Country

Ciera Beresford Women's Volleyball

Brianne Berriault Women's Volleyball

Ariana Bickell Women's Volleyball

Charmaine Bosma Women's Indoor Soccer

Jake Boulding Men's Rugby

Nick Brace Men's Rugby

Will Britton Cross Country

Denise Cheeseman Women's Indoor Soccer

Curtis Cousins Men's Volleyball

Alex Cropley Golf

Justin Dawson Cross Country

Jessica Dean Women's Indoor Soccer

Aurora Delaney-Selman Women's Basketball

Tammy Do Badminton

Jake Edwards Men's Volleyball

Johnathan Edwards Men's Basketball

Meaghan Evon Cross Country

Kaylee Forsyth Women's Basketball

Darien Haynes Men's Volleyball

Courtney Hodgkinson Women's Indoor Soccer

Lukas Katinas Men's Indoor Soccer

Eric Kern Badminton

Matt Kerr Men's Volleyball

Connor Laronde Men's Basketball

Carlie Manners Women's Basketball

Amber Maw Women's Volleyball

Cassandra McCormick Women's Indoor Soccer

Anthony Meggo Men's Basketball

Josh Michalik Men's Rugby

Camryn Morgan Women's Volleyball

Ryan Moriarity Men's Volleyball

Prathit Patel Badminton

Jordan Pols Badminton

Chris Quental Men's Indoor Soccer

Daniel Ramos Men's Volleyball

Trevor Recalla Men's Volleyball

Marcus Roth Golf

Chiara Rustico Women's Indoor Soccer

Kristen Rymarchuk Women's Volleyball

Patryk Ryska Men's Indoor Soccer

Courtney Sherk Cross Country

Adam Skinner Cross Country

Rachael Smith Women's Indoor Soccer

Dayna Snowdon Women's Basketball

Jessica Stockdale Women's Basketball

Matthew Terpstra Men's Volleyball

Tyler Thomson Cross Country

Michael Tran Men's Basketball

Emilie Tyndall Golf

Addison Wallwin Golf

Danny Watts Golf

Robin Whiffing Cross Country

Thea Wilkes Women's Volleyball

Zoriaz Zakir Badminton

Ethan Zhao Badminton
Humber College Shawn Acrey Cross Country

Zaynab Alimoglu Women's Rugby Sevens

Rebekah Alto Women's Soccer

Eric Arruda Golf

Tomasz Balicki Men's Soccer

Heidi Beck Curling

Caitlin Bishop Women's Soccer

Celine Blanchette Women's Volleyball

Cameron Brennan Golf

Miea Campbell-Johnson Women's Basketball

Natalie Carter Women's Rugby Sevens

Ryan Chow Badminton

Daniele Clemente Men's Soccer

Lauren Congdon Women's Rugby Sevens

Maxine Cotton Cross Country

Ashleigh Darrach Women's Volleyball

Elizabeth Deakin-Poot Women's Volleyball

Adam Dong Badminton

Christina Duong Badminton

Danielle Dupuis Cross Country

Fatima Fuentes-Martinez Women's Soccer

Alexandra Giannone Women's Soccer

Bonnie Gillingham Women's Softball

Mark Harrison Men's Volleyball

Emma Heeney Women's Volleyball

Steven Hough Men's Basketball

Anna Jacobs Women's Basketball

Baljyot Judge Men's Basketball

Taylor Kaufman Women's Softball

Robert Kinoshita Men's Volleyball

Brett Kudoba Golf

Dora Lai Badminton

Josh Liang Men's Volleyball

Brandon Manley Men's Basketball

Ebony McCreath Women's Rugby Sevens

Christian McCullough Golf

Sheila McKeen Golf

Beryl Mefful Women's Basketball

Charlene Mocon Women's Rugby Sevens

Ellen Mulcahy Women's Rugby Sevens

Alexandra Newman Women's Volleyball

Truly Ann Nigro Women's Rugby Sevens

Phuthita Nilyok Badminton

Paul Nozicka Cross Country

Chioma Oriuwa Women's Basketball

Dylan Perego Men's Basketball

Coby Phillips Cross Country

Kaitlyn Pitek Women's Softball

Rory Pollard Men's Basketball

Elysia Prasad Women's Soccer

Sonia Sahota Women's Soccer

Gianlucas Scorzafave Men's Indoor Soccer

Kaitlin Shuvera Cross Country

Brynne Spence-Coleman Women's Volleyball

Rachel Spratt Women's Soccer

Liam Sutherland Men's Basketball

Andrew Thomson Men's Basketball

Taylor Thomson Women's Soccer

Ayubu Touray Badminton

Aaron Veenstra Cross Country

Megan Voutour Women's Soccer

Jonathan Young Badminton
Lakehead University Orillia Shai Kemp Women's Indoor Soccer

Joshua Lim Men's Indoor Soccer

Renee Williams Golf
Lambton College Jovan Arcuri Men's Soccer

Sarah Armstrong Women's Soccer

Melissa Blair Women's Soccer

Mackenzie Colbran Women's Soccer

Alasdair Coy Men's Soccer

Matt Eade Men's Soccer

Lindsay Graham Women's Soccer/Women's Basketball

Bobbi  Lisk Women's Soccer

Shaylynn McDonald Women's Soccer

Kyle McVittie Men's Soccer

Zach Moniz Men's Soccer

Richeal O'Neill Men's Soccer

Tristan Paul-Aguiar Men's Soccer

Paige Price Women's Soccer

Alex Trotter Men's Soccer

Lauren Van Leerzem Women's Basketball
Wilfrid Laurier University Brantford Tyler Botelho Men's Indoor Soccer

Pasquale Centrito Men's Indoor Soccer

Simon Crowley Men's Indoor Soccer

Nakita Dostie Cross Country

Levi Furber Men's Indoor Soccer

Denziel Henry Men's Indoor Soccer

O'Shai Jeffers-Penny Men's Indoor Soccer

Sarah Maier Cross Country

Martin Mejia Men's Indoor Soccer

Jarrett Putt Cross Country

Andre Thames Men's Indoor Soccer
Loyalist College Taylor Austin Women's Soccer

Riley Avery Men's Rugby

Brooke Babcock Women's Rugby

Hannah Baker Women's Soccer

Daniel Barker Men's Rugby

Rebecca Bartlett Women's Basketball

Bethany Bolton Women's Soccer

Matthew Bridgeland Men's Volleyball

Aaron Carere Men's Rugby

Tigh Chapman Men's Basketball

Hunter Clement Women's Rugby

Mitchell Dassylva Men's Rugby

Leah Den Hartogh Women's Soccer

Hannah Dossett Women's Volleyball

Janessa Duffy Women's Volleyball

Tristan Estabrooks Women's Volleyball

Katrina Farnworth Women's Soccer

Eric French Men's Rugby

Kylea Galipeau-Wilson Women's Basketball

Victoria Harmond Women's Rugby

Porscha Hewitt Women's Basketball

Alexander Hoftyzer Cross Country

Kylie Holiday Women's Soccer

Morgan Houde Pearce Women's Rugby

Meghan Laming Women's Rugby

Angela LaViolette Women's Soccer

Greg Legere Men's Rugby

Emilie Leneveu Women's Volleyball

Sarah MacDonald Women's Rugby

Georgia Lynn Mackay Women's Rugby

Eric Mallory Men's Rugby

Kirsten Maracle Women's Basketball

Raven Maracle Women's Volleyball

Joseph Marshall Men's Rugby

Taylor Meeks Men's Volleyball

Noah Middaugh Cross Country

Jodie Mitchell Women's Soccer/Women's Volleyball

Faheem Mohammad Men's Basketball

Joseph Mohommed Men's Rugby

Brooke Mountney Women's Soccer

Carlo Pantaleon Men's Basketball

Victoria Pedro Women's Rugby

Andrew-John Proulx Men's Rugby

Josh Roberts Men's Volleyball

Dawson Rowntree Cross Country

John Joseph Sexsmith Men's Rugby

Jamie Tarry Women's Soccer

Olivia Thompson Women's Basketball

Brooke Trudeau Cross Country

Gabriel Van Allen Men's Volleyball

Kyla Walton Cross Country

Sara Way Women's Soccer

Meghan Weinhold Women's Rugby

Maryann White Women's Rugby

Brittney Whiting Women's Rugby/Women's Basketball

Heather Williams Women's Soccer

Stephanie Young Women's Soccer
Mohawk College Aaron Anckaert Curling

Alessandra Assaf Women's Volleyball

Alen Audisho Men's Soccer

Thomas Barr Men's Volleyball

Sarah Beairsto Cross Country

Sarah Bell Women's Softball

Kaylee Bertrand Women's Softball

Kirsten Bialachowski Women's Volleyball

Laura Blackburn Women's Soccer

Jonathan Boccia Curling

Careena Browne Women's Basketball

Carissa Browne Women's Basketball

Sara Cadete Women's Soccer

Jordan Campanelli Men's Soccer

Taylor Campbell Women's Soccer

Brendan Canning Golf

Mara Cascella Women's Soccer

Jillian Ciccone Cross Country

Michael Clarke Men's Indoor Soccer

Jennifer Co Badminton

Kareem Collins Men's Basketball

Samantha Couce Women's Rugby Sevens

Keigan Curran Women's Soccer

Joanne Curtis Curling

Danielle Datzkiw Women's Basketball

Victoria Duong Badminton

Desiree Dutrizac Women's Basketball

Mathew Elcock Men's Basketball

Jonathan Gilkinson Men's Rugby

Eric Girard Men's Volleyball

Holly Glenn Women's Soccer

Stef Hrymak Women's Basketball

Logan James Curling

Jasmina Kucic Women's Basketball

Jason LaPorta Cross Country

Andre Lewin Men's Soccer

Kirsten McCartney Women's Softball

Emily McDonald Women's Rugby Sevens

Mitchell McFadden Men's Volleyball

Peter Nguyen Badminton

Shanien O'Neill Women's Basketball

Brittany Pestrak Women's Soccer

Rebecca Powell Women's Volleyball

Natalie Przerwa Women's Volleyball

Melissa Ramos Santos Badminton

Andrew Redford Men's Rugby

Adam Riecicky Men's Soccer

Kyle Rooke Cross Country

Deanna Stender Women's Soccer

Alyxandra Vachon Women's Softball

Johanna Vanwetten Curling

Jesse Walczak Men's Volleyball

Jeff Whaling Cross Country

Ignatius Widiyanto Badminton
Niagara College Kimberly Alcock Cross Country

Jordi Amores Vega Men's Soccer

Kayla Amorim Cross Country

Emily Babcock Women's Soccer

Samantha Bailey Women's Volleyball

Rachel Bennett Women's Soccer

Renee Boyce Cross Country

Hope Brown Women's Basketball

Amy Bultje Women's Volleyball

Michael Dagg Men's Soccer

Linnea Davis Women's Volleyball

Connor Diacur Men's Soccer

Josiah Dixon Golf

Michael Dulmage Men's Volleyball

Morgan German Women's Soccer

Russell Gibson Cross Country

Shannon Halliday Women's Soccer

Lequan Hylton Men's Basketball

Annie Jones Cross Country

Benjamin Kenel Golf

Logan Lammerant Golf

Bethany Langendoen Women's Soccer

Alexander Latham Men's Soccer

Gavin Martin Cross Country

Courtney McPherson Women's Basketball

Brittany Moore Cross Country

Brooke-Lyn Murdoch Women's Basketball

Emily Naccarato Women's Basketball

Xuan Nguyen-Marshall Women's Basketball

Marina Painco Women's Basketball

Alexandra Pasco Women's Soccer

Christopher Reilly Curling

Rachel Rivers Women's Volleyball

Samuel Robson Men's Soccer

Payam Saboni Men's Basketball

Amanda Sarabando Women's Soccer

Francesco Scerbo Men's Soccer

Michael Serianni Men's Soccer

Rebecca Short Women's Basketball

Jennifer Siman Cross Country

Courtney Smith Curling

Branden Taylor Men's Soccer

Breanne Vande Ven Women's Basketball

Adam Vandendool Men's Volleyball

Hope Vos Women's Soccer

Lorelle Weavers Golf

Jacob Williamson Men's Volleyball

Jordan Wilson Men's Basketball

Jonathan Wismer Men's Volleyball

Linneah Zwaagstra Women's Soccer
Redeemer University College Jessica Bosma Women's Basketball

Maurice Brown Men's Basketball

Shawn Brus Men's Volleyball

Rebekah Copuerus Women's Basketball

Monika Couperus Women's Soccer

Joel de Wit Badminton

Serena DeJong Women's Soccer

Charlene DeVries Women's Volleyball

Joel DeWit Badminton

Travis Dyk Men's Volleyball

Kendra Fournier Cross Country

Catherine Gallagher Women's Indoor Soccer

Daniel Grootenboer Men's Soccer

Enzo Guerra Men's Soccer

Rachel Guetter Women's Soccer/Badminton

Cassandra Heidbuurt Women's Volleyball

Rachel Hoekstra Cross Country

Amy Koomans Women's Basketball

Owen Kurvits Badminton

Erin Lowen Women's Volleyball

Reuben Middel Men's Volleyball

Jenna Noordstra Women's Volleyball

Rebekah Oosterhof Women's Volleyball

Wayne Otten Men's Soccer

Masozi Palata Women's Soccer

Jeremy Petrusma Men's Soccer

Elliana Reitsma Women's Indoor Soccer

Meaghan Rudd Women's Indoor Soccer

Morgan Rutledge Men's Volleyball

Wesley Schilstra Men's Soccer/Men's Volleyball

Adrianna So Cross Country

Kataliya Sorensen Cross Country

Pearson Stiller Men's Volleyball

Lauren Tamming Women's Soccer

Stephanie TenHove Cross Country

Eli Tolkamp Men's Volleyball

Joelle Tuininga Women's Soccer

Lewis Tuininga Men's Indoor Soccer

Stephen VanAndel Men's Soccer

Danielle Vanderheide Women's Soccer

Sarah Veerman Women's Soccer

Heidi Willock Women's Soccer

Jacob Zantingh Men's Soccer
St. Clair College Korede Adepitan Men's Soccer
  Darren Alexander Golf

Travis Anderson Curling

Ben Baltrusiunas Men's Baseball
  Caesar Basilio Men's Volleyball
  Aleah Berenz Women's Soccer

Allen (Josh) Bluhm Badminton

Sarah Bondy Women's Softball
  Stephen Carter Men's Volleyball
  Marissa Cervi Women's Soccer

Alyssa Chacon Badminton

Kendra Chappus Sikich Women's Softball

Aryana Cirino Cross Country

Hannah Cirino Cross Country
  Kaila Crough Women's Volleyball

Eric Cunningham Men's Baseball

Kayla Daguerre Women's Basketball
  Melanie Daniel Women's Soccer

Luciano Debortoli Curling
  Emily Ditty Women's Soccer

Roberto Duncan Men's Baseball

Angela Evans Women's Volleyball

Justin Fisher Men's Volleyball
  Cornelius Froese Men's Volleyball
  Samantha Geier Women's Soccer

Alexa Georgiou Women's Softball

Sarah Guilbeault Badminton
  Emily Hatton Women's Soccer

Alyssa Horrobin Curling
  Amber Hosker Women's Soccer

Meghan Howell Cross Country

Katelynn Hummelen Curling
  Mitchell Hunter Men's Soccer
  Melanie Jubenville Women's Soccer

Shannon Kennedy Women's Basketball

Jason Kerr Cross Country
  Michael Knight Men's Volleyball

Jennifer Lam Curling
  Joey Laporte Men's Volleyball

Cameron Lavigne Men's Baseball

Carly Malenfant Women's Indoor Soccer

Karen Markovich Women's Basketball

Aleah Marton Women's Basketball
  Jessica Masse Women's Volleyball

Julie Ann Milling Women's Volleyball

Charles Mina Badminton

Sydney Mucha Women's Softball

Josh Neufeld Curling

Christina Nguyen Badminton
  Cassandra Nicholas Women's Soccer
  Jared Niziolek Men's Volleyball
  Luca Pasani Men's Soccer
  Alexis Provost Women's Soccer

Abbey Rice Cross Country
  Alexandria Samping Women's Soccer
  Kaitlyn Sauve Women's Volleyball

Alexandra Senft Women's Softball
  Leighton Speechley-Price Men's Soccer

Nicole Tamm Women's Basketball
  Patrick Thompson Golf
  Tiffany Trembley Women's Soccer
  Nicole Tytgat Women's Volleyball

Nikolas Veigli Men's Basketball
  Jonathan Villareal Men's Soccer

Brendan Warnock Men's Baseball

Rylee Welsh Women's Basketball
St. Lawrence College Brockville Ezra Azman Badminton

Joshua Clemente Badminton

Mikayla Desnoyers Badminton

Clayton Mackinnon Cross Country

Nikolas Smithers Badminton

Rich Spicer Cross Country

Owen Stevens Cross Country

Britney White Badminton
St. Lawrence College Cornwall Michael Bedard Men's Indoor Soccer

Anik Belanger Cross Country

Elizabeth Carter Cross Country

Liam Chaussi Cross Country

Lisa Cristiano Women's Indoor Soccer

Nathan Myers Men's Indoor Soccer

Alisha Piette Women's Indoor Soccer

Kaylee Robertson Women's Indoor Soccer

Danielle Saucier Cross Country

Alexandra Scott Women's Indoor Soccer

Darren Templeton Cross Country

Aneeka Vandeglind Women's Indoor Soccer
St. Lawrence College Kingston Rob Asselstine Cross Country

Jazdeep Bains Men's Basketball

Amanda Blair Women's Rugby

Cortney Brewer Women's Rugby

Nicole Cathcart Women's Indoor Soccer

Rebecca Chan Women's Rugby

Lilly Dickson Women's Rugby

Megan Edwards Women's Soccer

Rachel Fardella Women's Soccer

Nick Gallaghar Men's Soccer

Kayla Gilfillen Women's Soccer

Kate Goody Women's Soccer

Samantha Gourdier Women's Basketball

Christian Hayes Men's Soccer

Kayla Hellam Women's Soccer

Becky Hill Women's Rugby

Garret Hoegi Men's Rugby

Chloe Houston Women's Soccer

Michael Hunter Men's Rugby

Heather Jaros Cross Country

Brooke Kelly Women's Basketball

Cortney Kish-Hartwick Women's Rugby

Brittany Laplante Women's Indoor Soccer

Danielle Long Women's Rugby

Michael Mackett Cross Country

Mykaela Mallette Women's Basketball

Jeremy Martin Men's Rugby

Sophia Merilainen Cross Country

Kelsie Minnie Women's Rugby

Jaime Monaghan Women's Soccer

Kurt Nguyen Men's Rugby

Jessie Pennock Women's Soccer

Alexis Perin Women's Rugby

Morgan Phillips Women's Rugby

Andrea Pretty Women's Rugby

Mallory Rafter-Sickling Women's Soccer

Anastasia Reid Women's Rugby

Quincy Reuben Men's Basketball

Brad Richards Men's Basketball

Jordon Riddle Men's Rugby

Bethany Robert Women's Soccer

Brayden Roy Men's Indoor Soccer

Morgan Shettell-Morris Women's Rugby

Kevin Valdes Men's Soccer

Jocelyn Virgin Women's Soccer

Maria Voskamp Women's Soccer

Joel Wilkinson Men's Indoor Soccer

Michael Worsley Men's Soccer
Seneca College Imani Abukar Women's Basketball

Edward Asabir Cross Country

Mohammad Azam Badminton

Taso Ballis Men's Volleyball

Evgeniya (Jane) Berezina Cross Country

Shannon Betcherman Cross Country

John Bethune Men's Baseball

Katelyn Bigras Women's Rugby Sevens

Christiana Carmosino Women's Soccer

Cyrus Chang Badminton

Tiffany Cheng Badminton

Bronte Chin Curling

Sharifa Clarke Women's Basketball

Manon De Clerq Women's Volleyball

Salvatore Distefano Men's Baseball

Marco Garisto Men's Rugby

Scott Holder Curling

Robin Hutchins Golf

Shu Tian (Sallie) Jiang Badminton

Selena Jones Women's Basketball

Larissa Lemay Women's Softball

Cliffaine Kayla-Ann Lewis Women's Volleyball

Matthew Madden Golf

Nilda Martinez Women's Softball

Jake Moreau Men's Rugby

Nick Morin Men's Baseball

Liam Needs Men's Soccer

Cam Mai Nhi Nguyen Badminton

Maria Novoa Golf

Jackson Ofosu Men's Soccer

Kendra Pierce Curling

Megan Robertson Women's Soccer

Amy Sayaveth Women's Volleyball

Cassandra Silverthorn Women's Softball

Erin Simpson Women's Basketball

Jamie Smith Women's Soccer

Joseph Stalletti Cross Country

Zoe Stein Women's Soccer

Jovan Thomas Men's Soccer

Emma Thomson Women's Soccer

Will Van Allen Men's Baseball

Danielle Wagstaffe Women's Volleyball

Lauren Watt Women's Volleyball

Victoria Wensley Women's Volleyball

Bowei Yao Badminton

Yan Zhou Badminton
Sheridan College Rachel Abrahams Women's Volleyball

Chris Adams Men's Volleyball

Ian Alishaw Men's Rugby

Kirsten Archer Women's Rugby Sevens

Jaskirat Aujla Cross Country

Iain Boar Men's Soccer

Craig Boytchuk Men's Soccer

Angus Carroll Men's Rugby

Kendra Challis Women's Soccer

Chin-Ting Chang Men's Rugby

Kevin Chien Men's Volleyball

Andrew Convery Cross Country

Tamia Cooper-Evelyn Women's Volleyball

Mara Douglas Women's Basketball

Mira Guiguis Women's Soccer

Nadia Hinds Women's Indoor Soccer

Adrian Huynh Men's Rugby

Kyleigh Jampen Women's Rugby Sevens

Harnaaz Kamboj Women's Rugby Sevens

Erin Kinninmont Cross Country

Kevin Lam Men's Volleyball

Taylor Ley Women's Volleyball

Katelyn Long Women's Volleyball

Samantha Lovat Women's Basketball

Candice Low Kum Women's Rugby Sevens

Amanda Manley Women's Volleyball

Kerri Mathews Women's Volleyball

Nicolas Mejia Men's Soccer

John-Paul Munro Men's Rugby

Camila Orellana Larach Women's Basketball

Brian Owusu Men's Basketball

Lexy Pakenham-Troth Cross Country

Jamar Parkinson Men's Basketball

Monique Parlevliet Cross Country

Aura Quinsay Women's Basketball

Alex Ranney Men's Volleyball

Matthew Reeve Cross Country

Dana Renfrew Women's Volleyball

Mena Rimac Cross Country

Rachel Roberts Women's Soccer

Mariah Robinson Women's Indoor Soccer

MacCauley Ross Men's Volleyball

Jennifer Saltarelli Women's Basketball

Owen Schimpl Men's Rugby

Sihle Sharrieff-Hayward Women's Rugby Sevens

Leanne Spiegler Women's Rugby Sevens

Andrew Stanley Men's Soccer

Viktoria Vanzanten Women's Soccer

Daniel Voci Men's Soccer

Alexis Young Women's Rugby Sevens

Christine Zentai Women's Rugby Sevens
University of Toronto Mississauga Ayah Abdeldayem Cross Country

Azza Adhoum Women's Soccer

Hamza Ali Cross Country

Yixuan Bai Badminton

Jack Castelli Men's Soccer

Dimitrios Gogos Men's Soccer

Tameem Hamid Cross Country

Kahina Haroune Women's Indoor Soccer

Soniel Levanaj Men's Soccer

Jad Malaeb Men's Soccer

Andrea Ortiz Cross Country

Danica Post Women's Soccer

Pawandeep Sandhu Men's Soccer

Darshan Singh Badminton

Jennifer Soehner Women's Soccer

Nida Zaidi Women's Indoor Soccer