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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Barb Adair Athlete Seneca College 2003
Nejat Agaoglu Coach St. Lawrence College 2011
Mike Albert Athlete Sheridan College 2003
Rodney Alderdice Athlete Mohawk College 2011
TeeJay Alderdice Athlete Georgian College 2007
Susan Alexander-Whelan Athlete Sheridan College 2003
Nathaniel Allard Athlete Centennial College/Fanshawe College 2017
Wayne Allison Coach Sheridan College 2011
Doug Amey Coach Mohawk College 2007
Lisa Amsden Athlete Mohawk College 2005
Heather Anderson Athlete Canadore College 2009
Filomena Aprile Athlete Humber College 2011
Kathy Arcuri Athlete Lambton College 2009
Regyna Armonas Athlete Loyalist College 2003
Bob Armstrong Athlete Fanshawe College 2011
Ernie Armstrong Builder Seneca College 2003
Jerry Auger Athlete Sheridan College 2015
Andre Avedissian Athlete Sheridan College 2003
Stephanie Axford Athlete Durham College 2009
Carolyn Aylesworth Athlete Fleming College 2013
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Category Institution Induction Year
Bonnie Bacvar Builder Seneca College 2003
Tammy Baker Athlete Durham College 2009
Lesley Balson Athlete Durham College 2009
Alex Barbier Builder George Brown College 2005
Brendan Barrett-Hamilton Athlete Cambrian College/Georgian College 2009
Shane Bascoe Athlete Sheridan College 2003
Kim Beaudry Athlete Confederation College 2005
Dolly Beausoleil Athlete Cambrian College 2013
Earl Begg Coach Mohawk College 2003
Jonathan Bell Athlete Algonquin College 2009
Heidi Bench Athlete Niagara College 2015
Rick Bendera Builder Humber College 2003
Yvon Bernard Athlete St. Clair College 2011
John Bertelink Athlete Loyalist College 2003
Lisa Bertoncini Athlete Mohawk College 2003
Shelly Bertrand Athlete Lambton College 2011
Ian Bishop Athlete Algonquin College 2009
Pat Blundy Builder Sheridan College 2015
Steve Blundy Coach Sheridan College 2011
Annette Bondy Athlete St. Clair College 2007
Roland Brack Athlete Mohawk College 2005
Beth Brannagan Athlete St. Clair College 2003
Bruce Brereton Coach Georgian College 2003
Althea Brevett Athlete Sheridan College 2015
Avery Brevett Athlete Seneca College 2003
Andrea Brown Athlete Lambton College 2007
O'Neil Brown Athlete Durham College 2009
Rob Brown Athlete Sheridan College 2003
Sue Brown Builder Centennial College 2003
Noelle Browning Athlete St. Clair College 2013
Mario Bruno Athlete Durham College 2011
Claudia Bugiardini (DeIulio) Athlete Mohawk College 2003
John Byl Builder Redeemer University College 2007
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Laurie Cahill Builder Mohawk College 2003
Jesse Calabro Athlete Humber College 2009
Nikki Cambridge Athlete Cambrian College 2017
Dennis Campbell Builder Mohawk College 2003
Laurie Campbell (St. Pierre) Athlete St. Clair College 2009
Juan Carlos Camus Athlete Durham College 2009
Theresa Carriere Athlete Fanshawe College 2005
Bill Carriere Coach Fanshawe College 2013
Chris Carson Coach Loyalist College 2007
Mike Caruso Athlete Algonquin College 2009
Leroy Cassanova Athlete Sheridan College 2013
Laurie Castator (Thompson) Athlete Durham College 2009
Ray Chateau Coach Humber College 2017
Kathy Chepelsky Athlete Seneca College 2009
James Cheung Athlete George Brown College 2015
John Child Athlete Centennial College 2003
Jerry Cipriani Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Pam Clark Athlete Fleming College 2013
Colin Clarke Athlete Mohawk College 2007
Rob Cleugh Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Herb Cloutier Builder Georgian College 2003
Kathron Clunies Athlete Seneca College 2003
Vito Colangelo Coach Seneca College 2017
Bruce Collins Coach Loyalist College 2003
Randy Conlon Coach Niagara College 2009
Darlene Cook (Anderson) Athlete Durham College 2009
Larry Cook Coach Loyalist College 2015
Wallace Coomansingh Athlete Centennial College 2007
Scott Cooper Athlete Humber College 2003
George Copeland Athlete St. Clair College 2015
Adrian Cord Athlete Humber College 2017
Jack Costello Coach St. Clair College 2003
Emily Costello Athlete Fanshawe College 2013
Tara Coulterman (George) Athlete Confederation College 2009
Debbie Cowgill Athlete St. Clair College 2003
Debbie Coxworth Athlete Seneca College 2013
Bill Crowdis Athlete Durham College 2003
John Cruickshank Builder Seneca College/Sheridan College 2003
Carol Cruwys Athlete Durham College 2003
Blair Cudmore Coach Niagara College 2003
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Paul D'Hollander Athlete Fanshawe College 2009
Nick D'Oria Athlete Fanshawe College 2009
Leslie Dalcin Athlete George Brown College/Seneca College 2003
Andrew DaSilva Athlete Humber College 2017
Fawn Day Athlete Conestoga College 2009
Colin de Raaf Athlete Redeemer University College 2007
Lori deBakker (Hoorelbeck) Athlete St. Clair College 2009
Luigi Della Rovere Athlete Humber College 2009
Luciano DeLuca Athlete Sheridan College 2013
Chantal Demers Athlete Cambrian College 2015
Alison Diplock Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Ashley Docking Athlete Seneca College 2015
Patrick Donker Athlete Lambton College 2007
Chris Dorey Athlete St. Lawrence College 2011
Vern Dow Coach Cambrian College 2005
Landis Doyle Athlete Humber College 2015
Vince Drake Builder George Brown College 2003
Jill Drinkwater Athlete Durham College 2009
Diana Drury Coach St. Lawrence College 2003
Eric Duncan Athlete Sheridan College 2013
Don Dunford Coach Fleming College 2003
Cliff Dunkeld Coach Seneca College 2015
Augusto Duquesne Athlete Durham College 2003
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Jennifer Edgar Athlete Humber College 2011
Dave Emerson Athlete Humber College 2013
Penny English Athlete Conestoga College 2009
Mike Everson Athlete Fleming College 2003
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Eric Fagen Builder OCAA Central Office 2003
Ron Fearon Builder Confederation College 2007
Stephen Fennell Coach Georgian College 2011
Katie Ferguson Athlete Georgian College 2007
Stacey Fertile Athlete Durham College 2009
Misty Findlay Athlete St. Clair College 2009
Coreen Flemming Builder Centennial College 2003
Caroline Fletcher Athlete Humber College 2005
Linda Fletcher Coach Niagara College 2007
Helen Folker Coach Centennial College 2005
Marie Foran (Murphy) Athlete Fanshawe College 2009
Doug Fox Builder Humber College 2015
Soula Fradelos Athlete Centennial College 2015
David Fralick Athlete Loyalist College 2009
George Frempong Athlete Sheridan College 2003
Vito Frijia Athlete Fanshawe College 2007
Pat Fyfee Builder Centennial College 2003
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Gary Gallagher Athlete Algonquin College 2007
Graeme Gaunt Athlete Niagara College 2009
Jim Gaunt Athlete Mohawk College 2015
Pat Gavey Athlete Mohawk College 2011
Greg Gavin Builder Loyalist College 2011
Doug Gellatly Builder OCAA Central Office 2007
Rhonda Giguere Athlete Algonquin College 2007
Wayne Gittens Athlete Seneca College 2009
Julie Goedhuis Athlete Durham College 2003
Brad Gordon Athlete Loyalist College 2007
Yvette Gordon Athlete Seneca College 2003
Dave Gotts Builder Lambton College 2003
Julie Gracey Athlete Fanshawe College 2009
Liette Gravelle Athlete Cambrian College 2009
Colleen Gray Athlete Humber College 2009
Chuck Gullickson Builder Centennial College 2003
Steve Guyatt Athlete Seneca College 2003
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Michelle Hall Athlete Fanshawe College 2015
DeWitt Hanna Athlete Mohawk College 2013
Nick Harbaruk Coach Seneca College 2005
Dave Hardie Coach Fleming College 2003
Michael G. Harris Athlete Niagara College 2007
Ted Harrison Coach Durham College 2009
John Hayden Athlete Fanshawe College 2015
Sarah Hazlewood Athlete Algonquin College 2013
Geraldine Heaney Athlete Seneca College 2003
Marla Henderson Athlete Confederation College/George Brown College 2011
Sabrina Henry Athlete Seneca College 2017
Wes Hicks Builder Mohawk College 2003
Mary Hinan-Grose Builder Fleming College 2003
Alex Hoffman Builder St. Clair College 2005
Mike Hoffman Athlete Georgian College 2003
Hap Holman Builder Mohawk College 2003
Tracy (Hynd) Hopkins Athlete Mohawk College 2017
Heather Hong Athlete Humber College 2013
Jan Hoover Athlete Seneca College 2013
Julie Hornsby Athlete Durham College 2009
Cindy Horton Athlete Centennial College 2007
Bob Horvath Athlete Fanshawe College 2017
Tracey Hudson Athlete Mohawk College 2003
Alan Hughes Athlete Seneca College 2009
Ryan Hughes Athlete Durham College 2003
Cindy Huras Coach Fanshawe College 2011
J.C. (Jack) Hutcheson Builder Conestoga College 2003
Barry Hutton Coach Mohawk College 2009
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Sharon Ikola Builder Centennial College 2003
Steve Irving Athlete Georgian College 2003
Scott Irwin Athlete St. Clair College 2009
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Kathie Jackson Athlete Confederation College 2007
Lorne Jackson Athlete Confederation College 2007
Angela James Athlete Seneca College 2005
Tim Jarison Athlete St. Clair College 2009
Nancey Jarman Athlete Seneca College 2003
Martin Johnson Athlete Sheridan College 2003
Glenn Johnston Coach Fanshawe College 2015
Geoff Johnstone Coach Conestoga College 2011
Alan Jones Athlete Loyalist College 2009
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Cynthia Kane Athlete Centennial College 2009
Mike Katz Coach Humber College 2007
Lori Kavanagh Athlete Cambrian College 2005
Mike Kaytar Athlete Cambrian College 2009
Ed Kenny Athlete St. Clair College 2013
Brad Kerfoot Athlete Humber College 2015
Martin Kerstens Athlete Durham College/Sheridan College 2003
Eliran Kikoss Athlete Niagara College 2015
Herb Kirkconnell Builder Durham College 2003
Krissy Kort Athlete Georgian College 2009
Henry Koscielski Athlete St. Clair College 2003
Amanda Kosmerly Athlete Cambrian College 2015
Laurel Kostuk Athlete Confederation College 2005
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Helen LaBine Athlete Durham College/Georgian College 2013
Bob Landry Athlete Sheridan College 2013
Samantha Langford Athlete Durham College 2013
Kristen Lawson Athlete Mohawk College/Lambton College 2015
Serge Lebel Athlete Canadore College 2003
Angela Lee Athlete Confederation College 2009
Mike Lindsay Builder Fanshawe College 2013
Dave Long Athlete Conestoga College 2013
Brenton Lowe Athlete Centennial College 2015
Hugh Lynn Coach Algonquin College 2003
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Wendy Mabson Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Angela MacDonald Athlete Humber College 2011
Jim Macdonald Athlete Seneca College 2013
Neil MacEwan Coach Sault College 2003
Lisa Maik Athlete Humber College 2013
Jim Makela Builder Sheridan College 2003
Steve Manzer Athlete Georgian College 2005
Colin March Athlete Seneca College 2013
Stan Marchut Coach Durham College 2009
Deng Kuol Marial Athlete St. Lawrence College 2011
Sandra Marinacci (Meisel) Athlete St. Clair College 2009
Joe Marko Builder Mohawk College 2005
Joey Martins Athlete Loyalist College 2011
John Mason Athlete Fanshawe College 2013
Jim Matchett Athlete Fanshawe College 2003
Andrew Mathieson Athlete Seneca College 2007
Duane Matthews Athlete St. Clair College 2013
Peter Maybury Builder Humber College 2003
Robert McAskill Athlete Cambrian College 2013
Rob McCann Coach Cambrian College 2007
Tom McClelland Builder Northern College 2003
Jacquelyn McKenzie Athlete Confederation College 2003
Jeff McKenzie Coach Confederation College 2003
Loretta McKenzie Builder OCAA Central Office 2007
Paul McKibbin Athlete St. Clair College 2013
Steve McLaughlin Builder Centennial College/Fleming College 2017
Meagan McLellan Athlete Georgian College 2015
Keith McKinnon Athlete Algonquin College 2013
Sue McLellan Builder Conestoga College 2003
Melissa McMackin Athlete Seneca College 2009
Geoff McMullen Athlete Algonquin College 2013
Sean McMurtry Athlete Loyalist College 2017
Dan McNeely Athlete Humber College 2011
George McNeil Athlete Humber College 2003
Dan (D.J.) Meloff Athlete Seneca College 2013
Jutta Merilainen Athlete Loyalist College 2011
Sherry Metheringham-Simmons Athlete Sheridan College 2009
Sue Mileva Athlete Seneca College 2007
Laura Monk Athlete Fleming College 2007
John Moore Athlete St. Clair College 2003
Adam Morandini Athlete Humber College 2005
Denise Morey Athlete St. Lawrence College 2003
Bill Morrison Athlete Humber College 2013
Melanie Moulton Athlete Fanshawe College 2009
Tara Mowder Athlete Seneca College 2009
Henry Mulder Athlete St. Lawrence College 2005
Brenda Mullins Athlete St. Clair College 2005
Brian Murphy Builder St. Lawrence College 2003
Kailen Murphy Athlete Seneca College 2017
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Mark Nelson Athlete Niagara College 2005
Anthony Notarianni Athlete Mohawk College 2009
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Stephen O'Kane Coach Algonquin College 2011
Abraham Osman Athlete Algonquin College 2009
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Bill Pagonis Athlete Seneca College 2009
Howie Parker Builder Northern College 2003
Penny Parkes Athlete St. Clair College 2009
Pierrette Parnell Athlete Cambrian College 2009
Rob Parnell Athlete Cambrian College 2009
Jimmy Parsons Athlete St. Clair College 2003
Chad Patterson Athlete Fleming College 2003
Brad Paul Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Brad Peak Athlete Algonquin College 2003
Tom Peat Athlete Niagara College 2005
Leslie Pellerin (Seeley) Athlete Durham College 2007
Christine Pellerin Athlete Canadore College/Seneca College 2013
Steve Pepper Athlete Lambton College 2011
Ardo Perri Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Denise Perrier Athlete Humber College 2003
Gerry Pettit Coach Durham College 2007
Dennis Piccolotto Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Mike Pluimers Athlete Fleming College 2003
Ron Port Builder Algonquin College 2017
Val Pozzan Athlete George Brown College 2003
Gail Prosser Athlete Cambrian College 2009
Andre Proulx Athlete Algonquin College 2005
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Doug Queen Coach St. Clair College 2009
Lee-Anne Quinn Athlete Seneca College 2013
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Kimchan Ramrattan Athlete George Brown College 2011
Amy Ramsay Athlete Sheridan College 2013
Gabe Rapini Athlete Seneca College 2011
Brian Ratcliffe Coach Sheridan College 2013
Paul Reader Coach Sheridan College 2003
Dayvon Reid Athlete George Brown College 2015
Jim Rennie Coach Seneca College 2003
Paula Rich Athlete Fanshawe College 2007
Debora Robinson Athlete Seneca College 2009
Emilio Rocca Athlete Fanshawe College 2005
Rebecca Rodin Athlete Trent University 2009
Bill Rodney Athlete St. Lawrence College/St. Clair College 2013
James Ross Coach Fleming College 2009
Justin Ross Athlete Niagara College 2011
Blair Rossen Athlete Centennial College 2011
Wendy Rowbotham Athlete Loyalist College 2009
Gabe Roy Athlete Cambrian College 2007
Christine Rudics Athlete Humber College 2003
Dick Ruschiensky Builder Sheridan College 2015
Penny Rush (Gosselin) Athlete Fleming College 2005
Peter Rylander Builder Niagara College 2003
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Eugene Selva Athlete Humber College 2003
Gerald (Jerry) Serviss Coach St. Clair College 2005
Aaron Setterington Athlete Fleming College 2013
Greg Shirley Athlete Algonquin College 2005
Dana Shutt Coach Humber College 2015
Mike Silva Athlete Humber College 2009
Grace Siu Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Marcy Skribe Athlete Durham College/Seneca College 2003
Carol Slipetz Coach Centennial College 2009
Erin Smith Athlete Durham College 2017
Susan Smith Athlete Durham College 2005
Tracy Smith Athlete Niagara College 2011
Rosemary Smyth Coach St. Clair College 2011
Marvin Snowden Athlete George Brown College 2003
Richard Snowden Coach Durham College 2003
John Sozio Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Paul Stafford Athlete Humber College 2013
David Staley Athlete Durham College 2017
Dan Stasso Athlete St. Clair College 2007
Michael Stauffer Athlete Durham College 2005
Matt Stevers Athlete Lambton College 2009
David Stewart Builder Durham College 2005
Christine Stoneman Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Lois (Lamb) Stoorza Athlete Niagara College 2003
Dave Storoschuk Athlete Mohawk College 2011
Paul Stratford Coach Mohawk College 2011
Carrie Stratford-Collver Athlete Niagara College 2015
Frank & Rozika Sulatycki Coach Seneca College 2011
Darl Sutherland Athlete Fleming College 2013
Dale Swift Athlete Fleming College/Algonquin College 2007
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Jennifer Taggert Athlete Seneca College 2009
Terry Talsma Athlete Redeemer University College 2003
Kevin Taylor Athlete George Brown College 2009
Lesreen Thomas Athlete Centennial College 2003
Natasha Thombs Athlete Seneca College 2015
Roland Tiamuh Athlete Algonquin College 2011
Chris Tiernay Athlete Sheridan College 2003
Maggie Trainor Athlete Humber College 2013
Lee Trempe Coach Seneca College 2013
Patrick Treude Athlete Humber College 2011
Ray Trevisan Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Brent Tripp Athlete Loyalist College 2015
Tim Trites Athlete Fleming College 2011
Teresa Tsang Athlete Seneca College 2015
Josie Tucceri Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Drake Turcotte Athlete Seneca College 2013
Linda Turcotte Athlete Canadore College 2013
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Tracy Van Dijk Athlete Redeemer University College 2003
Jakob Van Dorp Athlete Redeemer University College 2013
Joanna Van Dyke Athlete Durham College 2003
Michelle VanBerkel Athlete Redeemer University College 2007
Kerry Vinson Coach Durham College 2017
Joanna Vitale Athlete Humber College 2007
Harry Vlachos Athlete Sheridan College 2015
Vaso Vujanovic Coach Durham College 2011
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Debbie Wadsworth Athlete Seneca College 2009
James Wallace Coach St. Lawrence College 2009
Fred Wannamaker Builder Sheridan College 2007
Nigel Ward-Paige Coach Georgian College 2011
Colleen Webster Athlete St. Lawrence College 2009
Bob Weepers Builder St. Clair College 2009
Tracey Weightman Athlete Durham College 2009
Tom White Coach Sault College 2005
Jeff Willars Coach Canadore College 2003
Gord Williamson Coach Seneca College/Durham College 2015
Robyn Willroider Athlete Fleming College 2015
Anne Wilson (Devorski) Athlete Mohawk College 2013
Hal Wilson Builder Algonquin College 2003
Jovain Wilson-Cutting Athlete Fleming College/Algoma University 2017
Ron Winterink Athlete Durham College 2015
Jim Wolch Builder Centennial College 2003
Raymond Wong Athlete Humber College 2013
Carrie Wooloff Athlete Mohawk College 2009
Sheky Yew Woon Builder George Brown College 2009
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Ed Yee Athlete George Brown College 2009
Jayne Young Athlete Georgian College/Seneca College 2003
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Inductee Category Institution Induction Year
Marina Zenk Athlete Seneca College 2013
Mary Zettel Builder Seneca College/Centennial College 2005
Mike Zizek Athlete Humber College 2015
Les Zoltai Builder Fanshawe College 2003
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