The Ontario Colleges Committee on Campus Recreation (OCCCR) is dedicated to providing opportunities for student participation through quality campus recreation programs and services. This committee creates an environment, which enhances the students’ educational experience through their involvement in recreational sports and active living.

Click here for the 2014-15 tournament schedule.

The Active Living Program is a community of post-secondary institutions across Ontario who have come together with the ultimate goal to increase physical activity throughout the province. It was envisioned to provide students with a variety of unique fitness and recreational activities while also giving them the opportunity to meet others outside of their own school. The Active Living Program aims to enhance the college experience by allowing students to learn, participate, and stay active in new ways.

Active Living Program: 2014-2015 

Three ways Colleges can get involved!

1) Extramural Activities & Fitness Challenges – Check out the OCCCR Extramural schedule!

2) Incentive Program

  • Use the generic poster available and create your own versatile incentive program. 
  • This is not a college wide competition but a program aid. 
  • Active Living Coordinator to send file of poster to colleges. Poster is 3ft x 4ft. Colleges are responsible to print posters. If sizing and alterations are needed please contact nathania.bron@humber.ca. File will also be available on the website.  

3) Newsletter

  • If you are interested in promoting an event or writing a story please contact the Active Coordinator for submissions. 
  • Newsletter will be sent out once a semester. 
  • Includes extramural tournament results, Active Living updates and events, wellness and fitness information, pictures and college profiles.
  • May 2015 Newsletter

The OCCCR Campus Recreation Leadership award honours students that have been heavily involved in leadership capacities within their Campus Recreation program. Congratulations to Emma Nephin (Canadore College) and Cole Badiuk (Confederation College) who were named the 2013-14 recipients.

Click here to download the Campus Recreation Leadership award nomination form.

Campus Recreation Leadership Award Past Winners
2013-14: Emma Nephin (Canadore College) & Cole Badiuk (Confederation College)
2012-13: Amber Potter (Canadore College) & Henry Morales (Humber Lakeshore)
2011-12: Katie Arpin (Confederation College) & Julian Nieva (U of T Mississauga)
2010-11: Mike Gonder (Humber College) & Nicole Muir (Canadore College)
2009-10: Amy Rynsoever (Humber College - Lakeshore) & Marc Siren (Cambrian College)
2008-09: Jaclyn Bell (Canadore) & Damian Yearwood (U of T Mississauga)
2007-08: Mitchell Greenway (Humber) & Jennifer Chapman (U of T Mississauga)
2006-07: Curtis Bell (Cambrian) & Emily Curcuruto (Humber)
2005-06: Matt Schnarr (Mohawk) & Jaime Allen (Niagara)


Fair Play Team of the Tournament awards are totaled at the end of the extramural season and the college or affiliated institution who has received the most Fair Play Team of the Tournament awards for the entire season win the Fair Play College of the Year award. Congratulations to Seneca College who was named the   2013-14 recipient. 

Fair Play College of the Year Past Winners
2013-14: Seneca College
2011-12: Georgian College
2010-11: Trent University
2009-10: Redeemer University College
2008-09: Canadore College
2007-08: University of Toronto, Mississauga
2006-07: Centennial College
2005-06: Sheridan College & Nipissing University


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